Wi-Fi As A Service

Allows businesses to quickly deploy a high speed wireless network which is cloud managed.  No Capital expenditure is needed for equipment or setup.  The network management, equipment replacement, and day to day operations are all taken care of for a single monthly price, without the business requiring any technical staff.

Three examples of Wi-Fi as a Service are:

  • A Hotel that provides a Wi-Fi internet in-room service to its guests.  Loyalty club members receive an automatic free tier of access which is at limited speed.  Guests who are willing to pay by Credit Card or purchase over the counter vouchers receive a faster tier of access which is at a faster but limited speed
  • A Medical business that gives its guests in the waiting room free internet access
  • A Café that provides free Wi-Fi internet access in return for guests checking into its Facebook page.  (Facebook integration)
  • A breakfast bar that provides free Wi-Fi for paying customers

Wi-Fi as a Service comprises:

  • Technical design and setup of the network
  • Tailored billing options and different tiers (speeds) of access
  • Special needs such as large conferences and high density areas
  • Monitoring so that potential problems are known about often before they cause an outage
  • Contracted Service Level Agreement, spare parts and knowledgeable team mean that problems are corrected quickly
  • Frequency management to avoid interference from nearby competing Wi-Fi systems
  • The latest dual-band and 802.11ac wireless technology is used
  • Speed management so that no single user can monopolize the internet
  • All costs are covered in a single monthly rental price
  • No setup costs for labour or equipment